Shimano 600 headset stack height?
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    Shimano 600 headset stack height?

    Can anyone help me on two fronts? First I'd like to know what the stack height is for this headset. Shimano 600 off an 88/89 Merckx. No way to know if it is original but typical 7-Eleven mercks bikes came with Dura Ace or Campy. Mine had a mix of Campy c-record and DAce 7400 except for this headset.

    I'd also like to know the stack height of c-record era headsets such as c-record, Chorus, Athena, etc. I seem to remember these 600's being on the small side and wondering if I am stuck with this headset sort of getting new fork. My current fork's chrome is super nice so I don't really want to search for a longer one.

    If I can't fit an older campy headset due to height differences anyone know if a Chris King would work?

    EDIT: Found the CKing height their "grip nut" version has a stack height of 33-38mm. Still can't find 600 stack height info.


    Shimano 600 headset stack height?-711_06.jpg
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    You can measure it, right? This site explains how.
    Hilary Stone Campagnolo Headsets
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    ^^^^ +1^^^^ That's a nice website for those into restoring vintage bikes.

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    Thanks for the link...lots of good info. Did not know about the site. Surprised it did not come up in my searching. I figured you had to have the headset off the bike the measure much easier than I though. Mine seemed to clock in at 36mm but most listed on that site say 38mm, though they did not have my exact one listed. I asked an ebay seller that has on like me and he said 31.5mm

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    What is the lower stack height of this headset?

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    Shimano publishes all of their technical documents, and even has old ones scanned in.

    Manuals & Technical Documents

    Search by series

    600 ultegra

    HP-6400 first link should download the techdoc for you. It shows an upper stack of 21.5 and a lower stack of 11.5

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    damn. looks like a grail bike with a short steerer.
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