Shimano Brake Caliper Lengths
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    Shimano Brake Caliper Lengths

    My friend had a new 105 group installed beginning of this year. Had blowout today and appears brake shoe wore into tire. Shoes are adjusted all the way down. Does Shimano make different length road calipers? Bike previuosly had older Ultegra group on it.

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    Different frames will have slightly different measurements from the center of the mounting bolt to the rim. Some are borderline too long like in this case. This kind of problem should never happen if the frame is designed correctly. There is very little if any difference in rim brake surface diameter so it's generally a combination of frame dimensions, rim width, and pad wear. If you're right at the limit of pad adjustment like in this photo you have to be very careful w/ brake wear...especially w/ narrow rims (Mavic Cosmic?). As the pads wear down they move towards the rim in an arc, moving towards the edge of the rim as they wear. Replace the pads more often, no problem. Go to wider rims, that will help.

    To answer the question about longer calipers, yes...they are made. Not in the current 105, Ultegra, or D/A lines, but in the lower models there are options for long reach calipers. If I remember correctly there are a couple of lengths depending on model and brand, he doesn't need the 'long' but something in between.
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    Thanks for quick responce. They are Mavic Cosmic rims on 2006 Giant OCR C2. He has ridden 7000 miles this year. Definitely needs to keep eye on pads.

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