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    Shimano R8070 DI-2 Groupset availability?

    Looking to set up a new road bike with he relatively new Shimano R8070 DI-2 group set which includes the hydraulic disc brakes. These things came out in august or September, but still seems nobody has them available with the disc brakes. What is the deal? Can Shimano not make them quick enough to meet demand?

    Just wondering if any body had any insight. You can get the 8050 with rim brakes, but the disc version seems very difficult to fine. Any suggestions where to locate?
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    The largest bike parts distributor in the country is saying the derailleurs will be available between the first of the year and the beginning of march depending on which derailleur and which warehouse. They don't even show pairs of 8070 hydro-shifters yet. Probably a couple more months. I'm guessing the first batch went to OEM's.
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    I already have the rim brake version. It's available through overseas channels pretty easy.

    Disc brakes? Never heard of such a thing.

    Maybe your issue is that you're calling it the wrong thing.

    It's R8070

    Shimano Ultegra Di2 R8070 Shifter/Brakes | Jenson USA

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    Colorado is one of the few selling hydro.

    Not cheap.

    I see a few rim brake upgrade kits, Texas Cycle sports has good prices.

    From what I can figure, there are about 15 online retailers, maybe 10 in the US and 5 in the UK. Few have 8050/8070 upgrade or full kits yet, this I think CXWrenchs comment about most of the supply is going to OEM is correct.

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    It always happens.

    Shimano "releases" a Di2 group...and the parts are unavailable to basically everyone other than OEMs for at least 6-12 months after said "release".
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