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    Spacers for 11 speed 105 cassette on dura ace 9000 hub

    I took off a 11 speed cassette off a set of mavic wheels and put on my dura ace hub (9000). Firstly whoever built the bike over tightened the cassette. It was very difficult to take off and the thin washer on the lock ring was broken.

    I tried to install the cassette on the DA hub with no spacers and it was too lose. Even when I got it tight it wouldn't get on straight. I tried a few times but couldn't get it until I added a 1mm spacer.

    Anything wrong with adding the spacer? Or am I wrong and it needs that spacer? Also I didn't add a washer is that a problem? I doubt thats why it didn't fit. The washer is ultra thin


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    11 speed cassette on 11 speed hubs requires no spacer. Maybe bad lock ring??

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