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    Specialized Power saddle vs numbness vs bike position


    I'm a recreational rider (I mostly do running and mtb), usually do 30-60mile rides on a aluminium trek 1.2 in a H2 geometry, size 58. However, even during those trips, my crotch tends to go pretty numb. So I'm looking at saddles as (a couple years ago) I used to have the specialized toupe which was ok (the numbness thing wouldn't be completely gone as far as i remember, but it was much better).

    So basically I'm really interested in the Specialized Power to relieve as much pressure as possible. But most people recommend it for rather 'aggressive' positions. The problem is, I am not sure how aggressive my position is when biking. There's an 8-9cm drop from my saddle to my handlebars, although I'd say I mostly use hood rather than drops. The area I bike the most is rather flat (although some climbs are present). I'm 185cm tall, weight about 86kgs (but my thighs and ass are pretty muscular / large), used to have slight back issues and so my flex isn't crazy good. Thing is - it's hard for me to say if I move a lot when biking. Usually, when I move, it's because I'm getting numb and I want to do something about it. I think I'd much rather have a sweet spot and keep it, but that just doesn't happen

    The question (for people somehow familiar with the Power) is: with these kinds of geometry, position inclinations, should I try the Power saddle, or is it designed for way more aggressive biking? There's a lot of reviews that mention great pressure relief and I have to say this is exactly what I'm looking for. I don't care about its looks, only the functional side.


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    My first post so not sure if I am breaking some rules here. I have a Chinese knockoff spec power size large. It was an experiment since I couldn't try it on my corner of the world and it was too expensive for me to just order it and hope for the best. I am opposite of the aggressive rider, my bike has relaxed geometry (canyon endurace Al), I am tall and heavy and I do not move much on the saddle. The last one suits the general description of the target group for this saddle. I love my saddle. Finally my wide seatbones are happy. Wide enough, no problem with my 121kg (265ish lbs) short nose suits me. In drops very nice, on the hoods also. I am not sure if it is just right size saddle or this one is the right one but one happy dude here

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    Power saddle works great for me with the large cutout. Currently dont have one on my MTB, as I sit more upright, but keeping an eye out for a used one.

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