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    I'd recommend going with a brand name you know and can trust. Wahoo Fitness makes similar speed and cadence sensors and they work quite well.

    Of course, none of them are power meters, so I'm not even sure why the company listed in the OP puts the word "Power Sensor" in the title, but I digress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cxwrench View Post
    So I nailed it?

    I am so sick of people over reacting and getting butthurt at the slightest thing. For chrissakes just HTFU and deal. It's not that hard, otherwise you'd spend all day in your safe space.
    It's all your fault man.

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    Just sticking with the OP's question, of the 5 "User" reviews given, 3 claim that it gives great power readings. Even the manufacturer claims that the strain gauges gives accurate speed, cadence & force readings.

    I know that there have been developments by various companies trying to develop products that can measure drag coeffecients without the need to go to a wind tunnel. Therefore its safe to assume that there are companies trying to make devices that can measure power in an less costly fashion than currently available.

    However I don't think that this could be it. If it is, it would have been thoroughly examined & reviewed by the major news outlets which it hasn't. 5 bogus reviews isn't really going to convince me otherwise but as P.T Barnum wisely noted, "there's a sucker born every minute."

    To the OP, there is no "All in one" sensor to my knowledge." Yes these "all in one" sensors can measure speed & cadence, but not at the same time. At the moment, you still need 2 separate sensors to measure speed & cadence.

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    As multiple people have pointed out, there are pictures in the site of the XOSS device, and if you look that up, you know that's a sensor which can do either cadence or speed, not both. But the website referenced by OP clearly states they are selling some kind of super-meter that does speed/cadence/power, seemingly with one rectangular-shaped sensor called Cyclemeter.

    There are some possibilities:

    -The Cyclemeter folks are innocently ignorant, and don't know they are selling something that doesn't do what they say it does.

    -The Cyclemeter folks are using the same Chinese manufacturer as XOSS, so the case looks the same, but it really is some device designed to measure power, speed, and cadence. Somehow it successfully measures speed while attached to cranks. :-|

    -This is a scam. When you pay, you are either sent one XOSS "speed OR cadence" sensor OR get told the device is out-of-stock but getting your money back is a total b*tch, etc.

    BTW, the business address listed for the place appears fake if you try to Googlemap it. > EDIT: Address may not be fake after all, but still questionable product.

    Who wants to gamble 40 bucks for fun to see what happens?

    Business address also linked to other questionable products with exact same website design (I'm not putting the actual links because I don't want to proliferate the sites, but feel free to search):
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