SRAM derailleur front adjustment
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    SRAM derailleur front adjustment

    Ok at this point, I'm a bit confused. I tried to follow Park Tool's instructions :

    I started out with height. When I'm in the smallest chainring, the derailleur's outer plate is actually outside out the biggest chainring. How the **** am I supposed to get the outer plate "exactly above" the large chainring, then? It won't go inside any further. 'Seems like Park's tip does not apply to SRAM's derailleur. Can anyone give me a better trick to set the height? I'm 100% sure the height is wrong... the chain drops both inside (VERY often) of the small chainring and outside (sometimes) of the large one. I need to set it straight.

    Then, going onto the limit screws. When I'm in the large ring and on the 11t sprocket, I have some chain rub. I tried fiddling around with the limit screws, always turning one at a time and resetting its position right after. I haven't been able to remove the rub or to see any change for that matter, even when doing 1 full turn. Before I go on doing random stuff again, which screw sets the "high" adjustment on a SRAM front derailleur? They aren't id'ed, hence the question.

    At this point, the only thing I know is that my front derailleur is poorly set up. Any help will be welcome

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    SRAM-specific instrux are available on SRAM's site. Start here:

    I'm not a SRAM user, but a quick glance doesn't indicate to me any difference in setting up SRAM FDs.

    - Set the height so that the outer plate can pass the outer chainring with a couple mm's of clearance.
    - Make sure the FD cage is parallel to the chainrings and torque the bolt to spec.
    - Put the chain on the smallest chainring and largest cog and set the low-limit so that the inner plate is as close as possible to the chain without rubbing.
    - Anchor the cable.
    - Shift to the smallest cog and large chainring and adjust the high limit screw so that the outer plate is as close to the chain as possible without rubbing.
    - Tweak the cable tension at the barrel ajuster if nec. to ensure clean shifting between rings.

    Fiddling with the limit scews alone will not necessarily solve a problem. The scews set the limits to the FD's travel, but if the cable tension is not set correctly the FD may not travel to the correct position within those limits.

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