Stages: upgraded 1st gen vs new 2nd gen
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    Stages: upgraded 1st gen vs new 2nd gen

    Hey guys.

    Unfortunately, last week I noticed a small gap from the battery door on my Stages 7900 1st gen power meter. After opening it, I noticed that all three ledges holding the battery door are broken; not on the door itself but on the Stages unit.

    I contacted Stages. They can repair my Stages with the updated housing design that improves on many features and robustness. They will cover the full cost of shipping back to me, along with all repair parts and labor. We're therefore talking about 20 or 30 bucks to ship the unit from Canada to the States.

    I also contacted my local shop. They are offering me a Stages 9000 2nd gen for 165$ CAD in exchange of my old unit.

    What would you do?

    140$ (165$ - 25$) for:
    - new vs 2 years old, 8000 miles unit
    - repaired 1st gen vs new 2nd gen
    - 1-year warranty again vs possibly no warranty anymore

    On the other hand, if they pretty much replace everything on my 1st gen, this could be a wasted 140$.

    I currently have a 6800 crankset, my next bike in ~2 years will possibly have a DA 9000 or newer.


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    Go for the 9000 with the warranty. I have a 2nd generation 7900 after getting 2 of the 1st generation 7900's exchanged( 1 software, 1 battery housing similar to yours.) on an otherwise DA 9000 bike and it doesn't quite match.

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    Other than battery doors on the first Gens, I can't say I've heard of any stages going bad so not sure spending any extra money for a warranty is worth anything really.
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