Switching Road setup to TT setup
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    Switching Road setup to TT setup

    Does anyone take there current road bike and change the setup to time trail adding the aero bars and changing saddle position so that you can have1 bike for different events. I am thinking of doing this to my current bike and was curious how hard would be to switch back and forth. Are there any components that would make it easier to make the switch so that you would have to hook up the cables every time and make adjust to switch it back? Could you use the cable attachments that are on the Ritchey breakaway bike to make the switch? Any insight on how do this would be helpful.

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    This is relatively easy to do with clip-ons but a major undertaking if you're talking about taking off the road handlebars and replacing them with an aerobar setup. At a minimum, you would need to pull out the brake/shifter cables, remove the road bar setup, replace with the aerobar setup (with duplicate cable housing if routed internally or under handlebar tape), feed the cables back through, and adjust the shifting. That's a lot to do for one event and then have to switch it back.

    As long as you have only one bike, I would stick to clip-ons and moving the saddle forward for each event. If you can manage to get a dedicated TT bike, you can do much more to optimize your position and train regularly in that position for power.
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    Forward seatpost, nose the saddle slightly down and maybe get a bit shorter stem.

    Or just get some Spinacis or Profile Jammers and leave your seat position alone. Anything less than 40km, that's what I do.
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    Two seat theory

    Assuming clip on aero bars (no shifters/cables to swap) then the easiest way to do this is to have two saddles, mounted on their own seat posts. Since your saddle height needs to go up as you move it forward, it's a lot easier to just have the two posts marked for the proper insertion depth. All you need to do is clamp on the bars and put in the right post - saddle tilt and position are all set.

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