Tarmac Di2 Front Der - Which Hole?
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    Tarmac Di2 Front Der - Which Hole?

    I'm wiring up a Tarmac SL4 frame with Di2, and I followed the diagram here:


    It wants the wire for the FD to come out of the hole in the front of the seat tube. Then I guess my choices are to go over or under the front derailleur motor body, because the socket is on the back.

    It seems like routing the wire through the hole between the chainstays and then going straight up the seat tube would be simpler. Is there any reason to go with one or the other?


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    I'm not sure how you are 'supposed' to do it.

    On my BMC GF-01 and my Volagi Viaje I used the front hole (with a grommet) and wrapped it around the seat tube and came in from the back. I didn't even have the option of the other hole (both have external FD cable routing).

    I didn't want to take a chance on the wire getting wrapped up in the front derailleurs moving parts.

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    Front hole, wire goes behind and under, not over.

    I think there's a little clip on the back of the mech for the wire.
    It should exit underneath the clamp, not over it like you have now.

    And you should be using a plug from Shimano where the wire enters the hole on the frame.
    use a torque wrench

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