Thought I had dreaded bottom bracket creaking and it turned out to be a screw...
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    Thought I had dreaded bottom bracket creaking and it turned out to be a screw...

    New gravel bike is aluminum with press fit (I think) BB... did a ride recently that included 8 miles of straight bumpies on hard dirt.

    On the next ride I noticed serious creaking any time real power was put into the cranks such as climbing, every single pedal stroke.

    I don't have the tool to take off or tighten BB, but I took the cranks off and cleaned/greased everything in case it would help. It did not.

    Then I noticed there's a screw that holds on the cable guides under the bottom bracket. It turned out to be pretty loose and I tightened it... creaking sound went away. Anybody else ever run into this one?

    Threadlock on the screw, perhaps?

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    "it's always somethin'."

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    I've had creak problem that I thought was BB. Turned out that my seatpost and seat tube contact surface was dry and each micro movement caused creak. Tiny bit of lube (aluminum post & frame) solved it.

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    I had a creak, I greased everything and it went away!

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    I once searched for a creak under heavy load - sprinting - on a customers bike. Ended up being the rear QR skewer.

    Just shows that a creak when pedaling can come from anyplace.
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    Two different creaks (at different times). One turned out to be loose cleat bolts, the other was loose mounting on a trainer.

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    Creaks can be quite evasive and frustrating. I had a creak that sounded like it was from the headset. Turned out it was the seatpost.
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    And after return of creak and much tinkering with the bottom bracket... the source was definitely narrowed down to something in the rear axle :| .

    I think it went away for a little bit when I fiddled with that cable guide screw because I flipped the bike upside down and that shifted something in the axle momentarily. After greasing and tightening of thru-axle parts, seems okay.

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    you've pizzered one of the cycling gods.

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    I will think of you today while riding my smooth, quiet steel frame, threaded BB Cinelli. 😉

    Seriously, though, my most challenging creak a few years back turned out to be clearcoat on the rear dropout. From the reputation of press fit though, it is the BB until proven otherwise.

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