Time Xpresso 2 - I have had good durability
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    Time Xpresso 2 - I have had good durability

    I am probably a fairly good torture test for pedals*. I've been riding Time Xpresso 2s for the last couple of years and I am pleased with the performance, price and durability particularly of the "v2" cleats (the ones with the wider toe with two separate rubber pads). They are not perfect but they suit me well.

    I can walk (literally) miles in the v2 cleats with no problem, a significant improvement over the v1 cleats which tended to flake at the toe which I put down when unclipping. The cleat's central cam which does the work lasts a surprisingly large number of clip/unclip cycles as well. Overall I am getting about 2000 miles out of a pair of v2 cleats which is about the same as I got out of RXSs, similar to SPD-SL and much longer than KEO. Just like with RXS I tend to wear out the central cam before I wear out the walking pads, so the float and release angles get rather large. The cleat still works fine, but a brand new cleat feels nicer.

    No problems with the pedals themselves, my oldest pair has about 8000 miles on them and is fine. I would probably have crunchy bearings in RXS by now (water ingress in winter I think) so I think the bearings/seals are somewhat better than RXS. There is a tiny bit of play in the bearing but it doesn't bother me. I took a pair apart and there are two bearings, a needle roller bearing outboard and a cartridge ball bearing inboard. An improvement on my RXS First which had a bushing outboard.

    After 8000 miles the plastic pedal platform is somewhat scuffed and the plastic "jaw" which grips the cleat cam is showing some wear. But everything works well.

    Overall I think the pedals last me longer than RXS First and the cheaper KEO pedals. Can't comment on SPD-SL, I haven't done enough miles. With RXS I tended to wear out the bearings, with KEO I wore out the moveable jaw and the "stirrup" at the front of the pedal.

    So overall I am pleased. The pedals are cheap to buy and run in terms of initial purchase & ongoing cleat purchase. They are very quiet (they don't creak with my terrible pedalling style whereas for me SPD-SL and KEO always creak). The float is great. The platform is wide. The clip & unclip is good. Nothing has broken. They are very light for the price (pedals + cleats <320 g).

    The pedals don't always flip the right way up, but actually they are easy to use with the pedal upside-down, so it's not a huge deal, I can easily pedal away from an intersection with one pedal upside-down and flip it when I'm up to speed & safe. Much harder to do this on KEO with its smooth underside.

    * I am 85 kg, a masher, I unclip about every 3 miles on average, I ride on terrible wet muddy roads down in southwestern England, my right foot wobbles with every pedal stroke.

    Hope someone finds this useful. I'm not saying "everybody should ride Xpresso", just that I find them tougher than they look, easy & cheap to ride, and so they might be worth a look if KEO and SPD-SL don't suit you.

    Cheers now

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    Accurate review. I have these pedals for 5 road bikes. They're good pedals on many points:

    - light weight
    - value
    - cleats durability is moderate
    - cleat price is moderate
    - platform is good
    - very easy to clip in and out

    Something interesting note here. Their older i-Clic2 pedals (which use the same cleats) used to almost always flip in the up-right direction as you start to pedal away, thus you almost dont' have to to look down to spot the pedal. But apparently, the Xpresso pedals don't have this feature because Time removed some weight at the end of the pedal, thus the pedal doesn't flip up-right anymore. I guess they do this for the weight saving? But this is not a big deal for me, because I'm now used to the feeling of these pedals such that I can sense if my foot is on the right side or the wrong side of pedal, and if on the wrong side then I'll just use my foot to flip it as I pedal away. Ususally, it takes me 1-2 seconds to immediately know that I'm on the wrong side.

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