Tips for fixing brake drag - disc
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    Tips for fixing brake drag - disc

    If I loosen the brake mount, the wheel spins great - no drag. If I do the "loosen, pull/hold brake lever, tighten" method, the brake drags. If I then loosen the brake - not to finger-tight, just not tight enough to ride, there's no rub. It acts like the mount isn't aligned.



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    Obviously the best thing to do would be to check the mounts w/ the proper facing tool. That's a tough one because not that many people have those. Does your hardware include the concave/convex washers? They sometimes stick in the wrong spot and make aligning brakes hard. If you have them, take them apart and put a tiny bit of grease on the surface of one of them. Just a bit so that none will squeeze out and become a risk to get on the rotor. Re-install and wiggle them around a bit as you tighten the caliper. When you 'set' the piston position use something that's a bit thicker than the caliper. If you use the caliper the pads will end up being a little closer to the rotor than they should, this will obviously make adjustment harder. The orange pad spacer Shimano provide w/ the brakes is perfect.

    ETA: Start by pushing the pads/pistons all the way back before using the pad spacer.

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    You're right, I don't have a facing tool. So, I'll start by pulling the break and looking at the hardware - and cleaning/lightly greasing it. I've been using the rotor to set the piston position too. Using the spacer gives me two shots at solving this, before heading to shop with my tail between my legs... it's a Canyon ;-)

    Thanks cxwrench!

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