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    tire pressure

    I've got michelin pro race 700x25 tires and the sidewall says max psi 102. So I put the max air in. I've always have put the max psi in my tires for years and I rarely ever get a flat. I was at roadbikereview and one of the articles states not to put the max air. Stating you'll get less flats, tires will last longer etc.... I'm just looking for opinions.

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    Pressure factors

    There are several factors to consider when setting tire pressure. The three most obvious are comfort, pinch flat prevention, and cornering grip. Rolling resistance is usually not a big consideration if you have enough pressure to prevent pinch flats. Michelin tires have max pressure ratings that are lower than some other brands, so running Michelins at max rated pressure is not as silly as, say, pumping a Vredestein to the limit. Besides the grip/traction and comfort issues, pumping to higher pressures means that the wear on the (rear) tire will be concentrated in a smaller area, reducing tire life a bit. However, the main reasons to lower pressures are for traction and comfort. There is minimal penalty for reducing the pressure. You also have to take into account your weight - a 200+ lb rider will certainly need more pressure than one who weighs 130.

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    The max pressure argument was posed to users of tires with max pressures of 145 psi and up. You'll have no problem. 102 in a 25mm tire is great. If you are lightweight, you can reduce the front tire pressure a bit.

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