I've finally gotten around to installing my quarq power meter on my bike and I have a couple of quesitons that I hope you all can help me sort out.

1) Torque on BB cups/bearings. The new Quarq PM is DUB standard which means I have to swap out the Shimano BB for a DUB compatible one - Enduro in this case since SRAM doesn't make one.

However after much searching, I have been unable to find a torque spec for either the BB (Enduro doesn't have any documentation in the packaging or on their site) or my Pinarello Prince from Pinarello's site. So I thought I would ask here.

I have seen a range of torque specs quoted from anywhere from 27Nm to 70Nm which is a pretty wide range. I have also read threads saying 35-40 with loctite and 70 without. The Shimano had blue threadlocker (I'm assuming Loctite blue 242 or equivalent) on drive side. I'm concerned about the 70Nm on the carbon frame without loctite. Which way should I go?

2) Since SRAM doesn't make a Italian DUB BB they have no spacing/washer specification for it. I have measured the distance from the large ring with the crank at 9 oclock to a specific spot on the seat tube. I plan on using SRAM DUB spacers and or the Enduro spacers that came with the BB to get as close to this distance as possible. Is there a better way of doing this? Should I leave a 1mm gap for the preload adjuster on the NDS to take up?