Ultegra 10 Front Derailleur Adjustment
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    Ultegra 10 Front Derailleur Adjustment

    Have put about 100 miles on a new Kestral Talon and when on the small front chain ring and the 2 larger rear sprockets the chain is rubbing on left side of the front cage. When on the large front chain ring and the 3 smaller rear sprockets the chain is rubbing on the right side of the front cage. I have been avoiding those gears. Yesterday I was able to adjust the inside front limit screw and stop the chain rub when on the small front ring and large rear sprocket completely. Adjusting the outside limit screw I could stop the rubbing when on the large front ring and two of the small rear sprockets but the smallest sprocket was still rubbing on the right side of the cage. The outside limit screw is maxed out. If after shifting onto the large front ring I continue to keep pressure on the shifter the rubbing stops, when I release the pressure the rubbing returns. It looks like I need another 1/16 to 1/8 inch of clearance. Will shortening the front cable at the cable adjustment correct the problem. There appears to be a trim adjuster on the front cable but turning it doesn't appear to do anything. This problem was brought to the dealers attention during the final fitting and supposedly corrected by their mechanic, so taking it back to the dealer is not high on my list ot things to do, I would like to fix this myself.
    Thanks, Lee

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    Simple fix

    Adjusting a derailleur (front or rear) is a combination of cable "length" adjustment with the down/head tube barrel adjusters to get the shifting right, and adjusting the limit screws to prevent over-shifting and/or allow the derailleur to reach the right point at the end of its travel. You have been doing only part of the job by using the limit screws, which typically don't need adjustment on a new bike (if set up properly). However, cable length will most likely need to be adjusted as the new cables and casings bed in. You most likely need to turn the barrel adjuster out (counter clockwise as you are looking down the cable casing) because the derailleur needs to move farther out when shifted.

    The Park Tool web site has good guidance on how to adjust derailleurs. Your shop likely has a 30-60 day free tuneup - take advantage of it and watch the mechanic do the work if they'll let you.

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