• 09-14-2013
    Ultegra BR-6700-G calipers compatibility
    Will these calipers fit on an 2005 STI ULTEGRA 9 speed brifters... I have some mad money around to complete the transition to the all icy grey ultegra set up (plus te original brakes are 8 years old but vanity is the primary factor)

    ive seen some stuff about super slr vs standard slr and if its not super slr it will feel mushy?

    so will these 2012 calipers fit with these 05 ultegra brifters?
  • 09-17-2013
    any thoughts?
  • 09-17-2013
    Yes, but the difference in cable pull will make the new calipers feel like power brakes. I found I like the light touch. But take care on the first few rides.

    New calipers + old levers = okay.
    New levers + old calipers = not so much.
  • 09-18-2013
    Here's been my experiences regarding your question.

    I've run 6700, 7900 (Dura Ace) and 6800 brakes on my bikes while using other model shifters; 6600 and 7800. The brakes work fine, perfectly. While the cable pull ratios are slightly different with 6700/7900/6800 shifters, a simple brake cable adjustment so the brakes suit your riding style are easy.

    BTW, IMO KoolStop salmon pads work extremely well with what I have.