Ultegra Guide Pulley O Ring Popped Out - Replace Pulley?
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    Ultegra 9 Speed Guide Pulley O Ring Popped Out - Replace Pulley?

    I was changing a flat and noticed that the o ring pivot seal in the guide pulley (upper pulley) was hanging out of the slot it's supposed to seal.

    LBS says it won't affect performance for a awhile and all they have are Tacx replacements.
    Said the o ring cannot be replaced it's a new pulley or leave alone.

    Another LBS says it probably should be replaced and they have the matching Ultegra pulleys.

    Replace or leave alone?

    Ultegra or Tacx?

    Get it installed by the lbs or do it myself?

    I am not a wrench. If it involves simply unbolting and rebolting I can do that. If it requires adjustments and any fine tuning I rather pay a few bucks and have a pro do it.

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    Replacing a pully wheel is easy. There are two small hex bolts (one through each pully wheel) that unscrew an the cage comes apart.

    Screw it back together with the new wheel and no adjustments are needed.

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    Is the O-ring damaged?

    If the O-ring is not damaged, it is relatively easy to fit it back correctly. The O-rings are held in place by the dust caps at each side of the pulley. If properly fitted, there's little chance of the O-rings popping out.

    There's no adjustments to be made when bolting back the top pulley wheel. The bearing is ceramic and has a little side to side play (float) built in to improve shifting.

    The bottom pulley wheel is different so don't change the positions between the top and bottom pulley wheels.

    If you are taking out the pulley wheels, take this opportunity to clean and lube them. Try it. You'd be surprise how easy it is. All you need to disassemble and reassemble the pulley wheels is a 3mm hex wrench.

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    repair yourself or tacx

    As another poster stated, you can re-lodge the seal yourself -- it's very easy to do. However, when it's time to replace the pulley, go with Tacx, they are sealed bearing units and are much smoother than the Ultegra.



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