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    Ultegra RX805 Clutched di2 Problem

    Hi all,
    I have a problem with my Ultegra RX805 RD. Whenever I shift into the smallest chainring and the largest cog, after 5 seconds or so the RD will automatically shift into the second largest cog. Has anyone else seen this problem?

    My firmware is up to date with 3.1.2 and I'm running an 11-34 cassette with a 50-34 crankset.


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    It seems I had my b screw too "tight". By loosening the B-screw, the top jockey wheel was brought closer to the 36t cog and now my RD doesn't automatically shift up a gear.

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    That may have fixed the symptom, but the issue is your low limit setting. All the DI2 rear derailleurs (at least Etube) will drop back into the second largest cog after a few seconds if the low limit is set too tight. You are supposed to back the screw out, shift to the largest cog, then turn the screw in until it 'just' touches the stop. If you go further then you risk the issue you're seeing. The fact that it went away with a b-tension adjustment is odd. If I were you, I'd recheck everything.

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