Vintage Look Pedal Failure
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    Vintage Look Pedal Failure

    I have a vintage bike I picked up awhile back that came with Look PP156 pedals (beautiful, back in tha day.) Was riding the trainer a few weeks ago and the right pedal suddenly came loose while I was in the middle of a jump. Glad I was on the trainer when this happened and not in the road. There is a reason I was on the trainer for the first ride with this old bike... :-)

    Looks like the nut that holds the spindle to the pedal was loose. Unfortunately I do not have the appropriate sized box wrench to tighten the pedal, but I am going to do so as soon as I can get ahold of a wrench. Question I have is whether others have experienced this kind of issue with these old Look pedals and if tightening the spindle nut will fix the problem. I cannot see any damage to the threads or other issues...but I'm not going to go put full power into the pedals (even after I fix them) till I know there's not a bigger issue at play. Thanks in advance for helpful replies.

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    Pedal body is aluminum...axle nut is plastic (you need a 19mm box wrench btw)...they come loose, and make noise. Take the pedal apart, clean/grease the internals and then grease the threads on the nut. Tighten them back up and keep an eye on them. One is left hand threads...the right pedal I think?
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    I have quite a collection of classic Look pedals, and I've never had this happen. I would assume the problem was one of the previous owner being a lousy mechanic.
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    Thanks, all. I'll find the right size wrench and clean/grease/etc...simple stuff. :-)

    Appreciate your help.

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    I still have a PP76 on one of my bikes. I still have a Look/Ultegra, and a Look/105 set in my parts bin.
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    pro buyer's tip: check your local craigslist for bikes with Look pedals. chances are good the seller will part 'em out, especially if you bring him decent platform replacements in exchange.
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