who wrenches without torque wrenches?
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    who wrenches without torque wrenches?

    Me, that's who. Until today.

    Heck in the 80s I don't recall using a torque wrench at all in the several shops I worked in. But more recently I had run into trouble with components malfunctioning due to incorrect torque.

    So I went out and bought the full set of Filzer torque wrench. and Set about checking all my bolts. Turns out my creaking crankset - loose bolts (Shimano hollowtech). A couple disc rotors also had under torqued bolts. Now I need to look up all the torque settings for our carbon bike bolts! Will go over the hydro disc brake mounts too.

    But a Q:
    My wife has had trouble with her Garmin Vector S. The manual suggests checking the torque on the pedals. But no hex key in the power meter pedal like most pedals have. I have the large Filzer torque wrench, but no spanner adaptor for the pedals (It comes with 3/8 ratchet). Can I just buy a spanner adaptor to torque on the pedals, or will the extra length/leverage create an incorrect torque?

    seems I answered my own question, and Park tool has just the item, which negates the leverage issue
    Park Tool TWB 15 15mm Crowfoot Pedal Adaptor 3 8" | eBay
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    As long as the crows foot is at the 12 o'clock position you're fine. If you use it at the 3 or 9 position, there is a formula to convert the torque value.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BCSaltchucker View Post
    seems I answered my own question, and Park tool has just the item, which negates the leverage issue]
    Only if used properly.

    Formula (and app) for when parallel, not at 90.
    Extensions Calculator Support Library Van F Belknap Company

    Use it at a different angle and it gets more complicated.
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    Google, and thou shall receive: Torque Wrench Adapter Calculator - CNCexpo.com
    ... 'cuz that's how I roll.

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