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    Question Wobbly cassette

    I have a Cannondale road bike with a wobbly cassette. However, it doesn't look like the bearings. If I take the rear wheel off there is no play in the cassette or the freehub, they seem solid. There also appears to be no play in the rear axle bearings.
    However, if I put the wheel back on the bike, put it in the repair stand and spin the rear wheel with the cranks and let it freewheel (cassette stationary, wheel spinning) - then the cassette wobbles quite significantly. Is this normal? Might the axle be a little bent or the freehub misaligned w.r.t. the rear axle?

    Any help appreciated.


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    Somewhat normal. This doesn`t affect riding. Probably a slightly bent axle.

    If it bugs you enough, try changing the axle. But, may also be the machining of the freehub mount in the hub body....again, probably normal.

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    Yeah--most of my bikes do it a little

    Depends on what you mean by "significantly," but I can see a little wobble in most of my cassettes. Doesn't seem to hurt anything.

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