• 07-26-2014
    Steve the Noob
    Would this work: Drop Bars with flat shifters and Drop brakes on a Hybrid
    Hello to everyone on RBR! This is my first post so forgive me if it's on the wrong subforum.

    I've read many previous posts on different sites (including this one, I believe) about people with hybrids who wanted to switch to drop bars for the extra hand positions. I'd like to do this same, except leave out the "brifters", I believe they're called.

    Has anyone tried this before? Or can anyone give me some opinions on this?

    Much appreciated.
  • 07-26-2014

    My road bike seems to be missing the Brifters. :shocked:

    If you do choose to do the conversion to drop handlebars, I would highly encourage you to choose standard road bike drop handlebar brakes.

    This, however, doesn't mean you need "brifters". Almost all brakes from the last 20 years are "aero brakes". You could go to standard non-aero cable routing, but that seems to be a step backwards. Several "low-end" bike models, as well as many "classic" bikes have the non-integrated brakes which are just fine.

    As far as shifter positions, a number of different positions have been tried in the past. I still have the classic downtube shifters. Some bikes will put removable cable stops where the downtube shifters should be. In the past all downtubes were the same size, so you could buy stock clamp-on shifters.

    Another position that has had some success, at least with low-end bikes is handlebar stem shifters. However, at least the old shifter kits woulld not be compatible with the 1 1/8" threadless forks/stems.

    Bar end shifters used to be common, but have somewhat fallen out of favor.

    The low end bikes have some kind of shifter in the middle of the handlebars.

    As far as using MTB shifters (not grip shifters), it would probably work, if you could set the shifter position right. It would mean that it would be most convenient to shift with the hands on the upper horizontal part of the bars.
  • 07-27-2014

    Originally Posted by Steve the Noob View Post
    Has anyone tried this before? Or can anyone give me some opinions on this?

    I've used bar-end shifters for many years. They have "fallen out of favor" mostly with people who've never had them on their bike or had them, but never learned how to use them correctly. Many people have put flat-bar shifters on drop bars and have no problems with it. Some ideas at the link.