WTF campagnolo prices: 12v record cheaper than 11v record
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    WTF campagnolo prices: 12v record cheaper than 11v record

    Went today to my lbs to place an order for the 11v record “old” and the guy comes out with a much cheaper price for the new 12v record. I’s either an admission that the new 12v record is a “cheapo” group or maybe at Campagnolo HQs are all getting high before talking marketing and pricing...

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    I want nothing to do with 12 speed Campy. I love my 2015 SR mechanical group. Two cassette choices with 12?? WTF?

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    Prices at your LBS don't mean a thing. They're typically a lot higher than online prices. Wait until the group has been out a little longer and compare with european seller prices. Campy never digresses when it comes to quality features.

    Campy is simply following the trend that the other brands are also following, with slightly wider spacing between the last two cogs. Before whining about it, calculate the percentage change between the cogs. 1 tooth jumps between cogs makes sense up to the 17T. After that, 2T jumps are common, up to the 25T cog. After that, 3-4T works fine.

    The 11-29 is straight block up to the 17, then the normal 19-21-23, followed by 26-29. The smallest that could be offered would be a 25-27 for the last two cogs. That last jump is only 7.4%. The 11-12 shift is 8.3%. Most often, the larger 23-26-29 jumps are appreciated if you're riding steep hills or in the mountains.
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