CX bike for 12-24 hr endurance ride
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    CX bike for 12-24 hr endurance ride

    Hey there, just reading up on like the 24 hrs of Tahoe or the 12 hours of humboldt. Has any of you folks ever done one of these "races" on a cross bike?

    Any recommendations? I'm intrigued by long endurance events like this, but lacking a mtb bike, am interested in using my cross for it.


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    If you're gonna do it...

    Run the fattest possible tires you can fit. Double wrap the bars. Carry lots of spare tubes. Put on about 3 pairs of shorts. And pray.

    If the 24 Hour race is put on by Granny Gear, then a cross bike has no real place being on the course. They put on a pretty technical course. Can't speak for 12hr of Humboldt.

    Bottom line, your typical race oriented cross bike won't be terribly comfortable for very long. Skinny tires with your weight forward doesn't bode well for long distance single-track. Real mtn bikey singletrack, complete with rocks, drop-offs, waterbars, etc, while certainly rideable, won't be as much fun as riding a mtb. Granted, you'll have much more of a technical challenge, which is pretty fun in it's own regard. (personally I love beating mtbs on singletrack) But I sure as hell wouldn't want to do it for more than a few hours.

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    Check out the story on

    Cross bike? Hah! How about on a fixed gear cross bike? As posted by Larry Manuel here in the great white north.

    Story here:

    Excerpt: "When I lifted my bike down from its perch for Lap Three, just after dawn, I received a ringing endorsement from an observant competitor at the adjoining campsite: "That looks like a death-wish." My startled reply? "I'll have another serving of that!" What could have bothered him? Could it have been my drop bars, 3cm tires, rigid frame and fork, and scrawny steel tubes?"

    He's written a few other posts on the site. Worth checking out.

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    I saw a few guys running it last year at 24 Hours of Great Glen
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