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    knee brace?

    Can anyone recommend a knee brace that I can wear while crossing that will help with lateral stability, yet not be to much of a hinderance. I just underwent an ACL revision in late May after stretching out my prior ACL graft while telemark skiing. I've been hitting the weights and doing rehab, and I've been riding on the road since week three, but I still have difficulty running. I definitely won't be racing until next season, but I'd like to get out and do some training, and start ramping up the running. While I can run (albeit incredibly slowly and with a limp) on smooth surfaces, I'm a little concerned about uneven trails, and dismounts, etc. I cannot use my CTI brace on a bike -- it's just too big. Can anyone offer some suggestions?

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    [Theres a brace from Bauerfeind called the Genutrain S. which is a hinged brace that has sealed hinges within the brace and is fairly low profile. The hinges are flexy and many doctors now prefer this for rehab purposes since it doesnt restrict qutie as much as rigid hinges. Theres also one thats a bit firmer from Donjoy made with DRytex which breathes pretty well. its hinges are a bit more stiff and provide solid support and has straps above and below the knee to keep it in place.

    both are pull on braces unlike your cti which staps on. Aparently Donjoy is coming out with a slimmer hinge soon which has some funky name i forget,but that looks fairly promising in the no bulk hinge category. has the Bauerfeind and Donjoys.

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