• 03-04-2004
    Need help! Looking to buy Redline Conquest cross need some advice on it.

    I am looking to buy a Redline Conquest Disc-r. I was wondering if anyone has this bike or other Redlines and let me know how they ride?
    I have a Lemond poprad 55 now. Redline comes in a 54 and 56. The Lemond top tube is right between the Redline. So if I go with a 54 will it be to small. I am 5'11" with a 32 1/2 inseam and have long legs and short torso and 225pds.

    Also what is the frame warranty on a Redline?

    Any help would be great..

  • 03-04-2004
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    56 for me
    I am 5' 11.5" with a 32 inseam 34 outseam. I ride the 56cm Redline Conquest Pro canti version. It's stamped 56 on the bb.

    7.5 inches from top of seat to top of top tube. 3.5 inches on Thompson post showing. 4.25 stem with one spacer.

    Cheers Eric