• 09-04-2005
    Newbie Question: Tire Width vs. Rim width???
    Ok, in reading posts I hear people talking about there being some kind of relationship between rim size/width and the width of cross tire they can fit on the bike. Can someone please explain this to me? I thought a 700c wheel was a 700c wheel, end of story...guess not?
  • 09-04-2005
    Wider rims work better with wider tires. Narrow rims work better with narrow tires.

  • 09-04-2005
    to be honest i've been riding mtb trails on my cx bike, 35c on a 18mm iner width rim. never had a problem with tire rolling off the rim.

    edit: the tire is labeled 40c (ritchey trailmix), but it measures 35c on that rim.