Ok guys/gals......kind of sizing question.

I'm thinking about getting a cross bike for ripping around town and general riding in poopy Toronto weather........maybe do the odd cross race.

Being tall (long in the leg) I find head tube and steerer tube length to be critical for my road bike fit.

question.......on difference between road and cross sizing.

If I measure from center of front hub to top of steerer tube or even bars........should I get a bike with same or longer measurment...??

Realizing stem flip and angles etc should the bars be higher than my road bike or same.....??

I have the chance to buy a 62cm Kona JTS which measures about the same as my road bike in the center of hub to top of steerer tube......is this a good place to start or will I have a bit to much drop to my bars. I did not have the shance to test ride the bike so have no feel for how it might ride.