My 2000 Redline Team frame (Scandium tubeset, 60 cm) just broke the other day on the chainstay weld (right side, near the dropout), while I was riding. I checked the company website but could not find any e-mail address to contact them. I live in Brazil, and there are no Redline distributors here. I was wondering if, by any chance, you happen to have an e-mail so I can get in touch with them.

I know it is hard to say anything without looking at the fame, but what do you think has probably happened? Material fatigue? The frame actually broke (not just cracked) exactly on the weld. By the way, I am 195 cm tall (6'5") and weigh 80 kg (175 lbs.), and used to ride it mostly on the road (hey, not too many 'cross riders in Brazil!!!). I think that a cross frame was not supposed to break like that, or was it?

Iíve been trying to locate someone at Redline for over a month. I've already written to John Stevenson (tech editor at and he forwarded my message to his contact at Redline. No reply so far, and still waiting... Then I e-mailed ExcelSports Boulder, who sells Redline frames. Here is their answer: "You are right, I couldn't find any contact info either. Redline is distributed through Seattle Bike Supply in Washington. I couldn't find a good contact for them either. I do know that the cross frames only carry a 1 year warranty though so I am not sure that they would help you."

Is that info correct? A one-year warranty on the frame? Am I wasting time here or should I expect them to give me a new frame? Or it just happens and I will have to open my wallet and buy a new frame?

It seems that those guys at Redline are trying to hide! Honestly, Redline deserves the "Worst customer service ever" award!!! (Hope they prove me wrong)

P.S.: I loved the ride of the frame...