Okay, so I raced at Greenville and because the course was so bumpy I lost a chain ring bolt. The funny thing is, i had these tightened down very tight, next time im using a few drops of loctite on each bolt.

Well, i went on a ride last week, and forgot that I was still missing that same chainring bolt. My ride was going well, and just before i decided to call it a night, i decided to attack a semi steep hill. I pedalled hard to get my speed up, then at the base of the hill shifted down into a larger rear cog and chunk my chain fell off. I looked down and my solo chainring was bent drastically, about a 30 degree bend or so.

What would have been an 8 minute ride home was a 50 minute walk home.

Moral of the story: dont forget to have all your chainring bolts----and maybe consider loctiting them especially for a cross bike.