• 05-24-2005
    De Rosa Corum for 200 lb. riders?
    What do you think guys?

    A Corum for a 37 yr. old 200 lb. aggressive but non-racer? Will it be laterally stiff enough for me? I'd like to maintain the "magic of steel" feel. I just sold by Giant TCR Carbon due to the fact I was grabbing my 2000 De Rosa Neo Pro ( Columbus Genius tubing ) when I really wanted to enjoy a ride rather than my Giant.
    Does the EOM tubing work as well as Genius?

  • 05-27-2005
    I'm around 200 lbs too and wonder the same thing about Titanio XS.
    I guess you'll be OK with Corum....you might send an mail to staff at DeRosa factory, I think they'll know the best.
  • 08-04-2005
    I contacted the importer about this same issue and they state the Corum (and Neo Primato) are the strongest frames in the Derosa catalogue and have a much higher weight limit of 105-110 KG. Mine is being built right now!
  • 08-16-2005
    Neo Primato
    Love Mine
    No flex, I'm 206 lbs. and would not trade the "feel of steel"

    Congrats, Corum is a beauty
  • 10-11-2005
    Okay...thanks for the input guys