Jarlinson Pantano - EPO

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  • 04-15-2019
    Jarlinson Pantano - EPO
    Not good news for Trek-Segafredo and cycling as a whole

  • 04-15-2019
    Alaska Mike
    It's mostly unfortunate for Columbian cycling. A lot of the positives of late for the heavy-hitter drugs have been coming from there, making European teams wary of signing athletes directly from the region based solely on results. With the number of high profile riders on the market this year, fewer will be willing to take the chance without a few years in an established European feeder team, who would be taking the risk of a positive or a dramatic decrease in performance. Only so many slots like that available.

    They need to figure out how Pantano flew under the radar for so long. He's got a good doctor.
  • 04-16-2019
    Been wondering where that guy went, hadn't heard that name in awhile. Oh man.