New doping product?
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    New doping product?

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    ... and where can I get some!

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    Good question. Will be interesting to see what comes from the retests. They were already doing retests of 2016 and 2017 seasons due to better testing for several subsistence they already knew about but couldn't test for before. Now they are superficially testing 2017 Tour riders for a specific substance. Although it did also say targeted and obviously related to the Alderass case.

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    It just as well could be markers for an existing doping substance/combination that they discovered as a result of Alderass. Some sort of signature that indicates doping that they hadn't seen previously. I'm sure once they started learning about the ring's protocols, finding red flags became that much easier.

    Been a while since a real name has popped positive, so I'm hoping there's something here. When only small fish are getting caught, it makes you wonder where the big ones are swimming.

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