Testosterone Treatment
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    Testosterone Treatment

    Just visited a local specialist who recommended testosterone treatment in the form of a pellet placed in the buttocks for health and increased performance.


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    Go for it!

    Report your results.
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    what kind of specialist?

    I have low T (Hypo-Gonadism) that was diagnosed while my wife and I were going through fertility treatments. I have been seeing a Reproductive Endocrinologist that specializes in male reproductive issues included low T, and his opinion is that testosterone patches, pills and creams are all garbage. The best results come from T injections or HCG injections, or a combination of the two. I take Test-Cyp injection because they are much cheaper with my insurance and I can easily do them myself with an Rx. I started off taking .7mg twice per week and that put my T levels in the stratosphere, I now take .4mg injections twice a week and that keeps my Free T level well within the therapeutic range. If you have normal T levels and you’re looking for performance enhancing benefits you are going to need a larger dose and there will be side effects. The biggest one being water retention, weight gain, higher estrogen levels and increased risk of prostate issues.

    Did this specialist diagnose you with low T? what were your total T and free T levels ( and the corresponding lab reference ranges for those two test) that he based his diagnosis on?

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    and you can't/shouldn't race.
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    I could go to any number of "specialists" and get prescribed testosterone, human growth hormone, and any number of other things on the US Postal menu. This, despite the fact that my testosterone levels tested in the "high-normal" range for my age group last spring. Sure, it would give me a boost in recovery or whatever, but at what cost? The negative long-term health consequences for me and my family (cross contamination) far outweigh the short-term benefits. It just doesn't add up.

    Then you can go into the sporting and ethical issues...

    Decreases in performance come with age. Accept it. You can train harder and smarter to mitigate them, but that's just reality.

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