Valverde says he shouldn't be asked about Operacion Puerto
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    Valverde says he shouldn't be asked about Operacion Puerto

    If you ask the doper about his doping, your "clueless". So classy. . .

    Enjoy this:

    "Operación Puerto is something I shouldn't be asked about," he said bluntly.

    "That's water under the bridge, and I don't even want to talk about it. I believe I've sufficiently demonstrated who I am since then.

    "Who asks me about Operación Puerto is clueless."

    Asked about the rainbow jersey and how that makes him an important figure and symbol in the sport, he said: "That's for sure. Being world champion is important for whoever it might be."

    Later in the brief post-race interview, Valverde was asked about his 'secret' to performing so well at the age of 38. He has won 62 races since returning from his ban, and since turning 35 he has been more prolific than ever, claiming 25 wins in the past two years alone, including the world title.

    "The secret is enthusiasm. I love cycling," Valverde said.

    "And then there's the quality - that's something you're born with - not something you can manufacture."
    Is this injected directly or worn as a patch?

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    You'd think the guy could at least be a little humble. That 'manufacture' statement is a little over the top.

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    Valverde has never shown any signs of contrition wrt his known infringement, let alone anything else. His arrogance is classless. Hopefully he will be out of the sport before too long and with a bit of the luck the old World Champions curse of not winning while they wear the jersey (Sagan excepted) will return until someone more worthy can wear it

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    ..... and now

    Athletes involved Operación Puerto may finally be publicly named, as the Spanish Court overseeing the case has authorised the release of the remaining blood bags to the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI), according to Spanish newspaper As.
    Spanish court authorises release of Operacion Puerto blood bags to Italian Olympic Committee |

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    Yeah, that was a bad call on his part. I'm sure it gets a little old for him to answer (or rather not answer- because, Omerta) questions about Puerto, but he really needs to work on his messaging. He's going to get nothing but those questions in the near future by the looks of it.

    Maybe Sky's Communications Director could have some advice for him?

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    Someone in the PR dept of the team should have a talk with him as just saying "no comment" would be the best way forward.
    Now his comment when the Spanish courts originally released the blood bags to WADA he was asked about it.
    First he said, "Does this mean it's finally over and you'll stop asking me questions about it?"
    He was then asked something about if he was worried about it. His response was, "I've already served my time. There's nothing more than can do to me. There's nothing more to learn about me."

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