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    How many people here have a-fib?

    I was diagnosed with constant a-fib three years and over 12K miles ago. It's common in endurance athletes. I read the VeloPress book " The haywire heart" didn't come away with any ideas about what to do about it. My cardiologist says I have the heart of a healthy 30 tear old, I'm 68.
    Anyone else here have a-fib and what are you doing about?

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    If your cardiologist doesn't recommend treatment, then you really don't have a problem.
    You could get a second opinion if you were expecting a different result.

    Is it affecting your cycling, or is it just a minor annoyance?

    I have a 2nd degree Wenckebach heart block. Different than afib, and only reared it's head when exercising, but a horror show nonetheless. Had a pacemaker implanted a year ago. Read the Haywire Heart book, too.

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    I give myself about 30-45 minutes to warm up. I don't ride quite as hard as I used to, on steep hills I just sit and spin now, I don't stand and pedal as often. I try to ride easy to cool down for the last 15-20 minutes of a 4 hour ride. I ride every other day now and rest on my days off, take a long walk, lift some weights. I still rode over 6,000 miles last year.
    I usually ride 50-60 miles every other day, unless it's snowing..

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