Felt Z4 Disc as an allround bike
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    Felt Z4 Disc as an allround bike

    Hi All,

    I currenly ride a Giant Propel which I do like although I'm not the fastest rider (or ever will be).
    When I look at my needs it would be hepfull if I would/could own an additional bike for more longer adventures (with the tiny bit of gravel riding included) in greater comfort. But at the same time I need a roadbike which is capable to do some races, grand fondos and to do the trainings on ( I don't need to win, just following and finishing is enough). Also I would like to hook up a trailer for my dogs or kid (the latter TBA :-) )
    So my first idea was to buy a gravel racer en to keep my Propel. But knowing space is limited, a one bike solution would be helpfull (next to the mountainbike I own). That is where the Z4 enters, I just came across a good deal for a new 2015 Z4 disc (grey colour) for 1499 euro.
    Looking at the numbers, this could be the "one" bike.
    Because I'm not sure, I would like to have your opinion wheather or not the Z4 could fullfill my needs.

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    I'm not specifically familiar with the Z4, but looking at it, there is no reason it shouldn't make a great all around bike. Just make sure that it meets your needs. A few things to think about (I'm sure others will have suggestions too).

    * Tire clearance. Will the tires you want to use for gravel grinding fit? 32mm? 40mm? Brake clearance wont be an issue, but fork and chainstay clearance might be. Take a close look at this (don't always trust the specs you read online - a different wheel or tire brand can change this spec significantly).

    * Towing trailers with carbon bikes can be a bit sketchy. You'll need to consider how it attaches, and make sure the hardware won't damage the carbon frame/seatpost, etc...

    * If you are intending to do any cross country or overnight touring, or commuting to work with a laptop, etc... you might want to find something that will accommodate racks and panniers. Otherwise a saddle bag and backpack will have to suffice.

    Then there is the standard advice. Make sure it is the right size and you enjoy riding it. Nothing worse than paying a lot of money for a bike that sits in the garage because it's too big/small/long/short/stiff/floppy/ugly, etc...

    Don't get too caught up in the bits and pieces. You can always change out drivetrain and cockpit components as needed to suit your needs.

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    I have a Z5 I use for centuries, weekend road rides and sunny commutes. I wouldn't want it as my only bike. The "Z" bikes are a skinny tire carbon road bike. There are no mount points for a rack.

    You might be thinking of the "V" series which is the Felt gravel bike. I checked one out at the store and it looked pretty nice. You can fit fatter tires and fenders on it too. It's not terribly heavy either.

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