down sizing the chain rings?
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    down sizing the chain rings?

    I recently bought a Langster with 42/16 gearing which seems sufficient for now as I'm using it to lose some weight and recover from some back issues. I found myself really liking it as a single speed and being addicted to the N+1 disease, I've also acquired a Cinelli Tutto with bigger tires (38mm) and bigger gears, 46/16...
    So my question is ..Will I find a significant difference with a 46 tooth chain ring over the 42 ?..if so, and I downsize to a 42 (or ?), do I shorten the chain (like a road bike)...
    Forgive my newbie-ism, as I'm a long time roadie and we've recently moved to Arizona and my road bikes haven't arrived yet...(I wonder if I'll like on/off road capability of the Tutto over my road bikes?..hmmm)

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    You will definitely feel that drop from a 46t to a 42t. The math works out to 70 gear inches vs 77 gear inches. But it will feel like more than a 10% change. I run a pretty big gear 53-15; 95 gear inches) in a moderately hilly area (Atlanta) and love it. But lots of guys would consider even a 46-16 leaning toward the big side. This is really dependent on your terrain, your fitness and what you're doing with the bike.

    And you're correct - to drop to a 42t, you'll need to shorten the chain. It might be better to get a new chain and size it to the new gear - keep the other chain for swapping back to the 46t.
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