I showed up at the Sat. morning group ride with my fixed. This is the fast group. Most reactions were 'cool, you got a fixed'. I was very happy with the route they chose for the day, they could have chosen the one where we start off with about a 2 mile 12 - 15% climb. Thanks guys!

The first 10 miles were rolling hills, nothing too steep, but I was spinning madly to keep up, esp. on the 1 mile descents where you can get going about 35 mph. I've got about 400 miles on my fixed, have ridden up some really long, steep stuff, have been on the velodrome a couple of times, but this is without a doubt the hardest I've had to work on it, without any recovery. Push, push, then push some more. No let up. And I'm having a blast!

So I stayed with them on the descents, but at a price. At about mile 20, I decide to bag it and call it a day. This is at a normal turn-around point anyways, the next 10 or so miles would have been a long descent followed by really fast mostly flat stuff. I just couldn't keep up the spin any longer to stay with the group. I was happy since I survived longer than I thought I would, and a bunch of the other riders said 'great job!'. A great day on the fixed.

No incidences, just a couple times had to ease up on spinning when the guy in front would decide to coast. All in all I fit in quite well, although it would have been really hard in a less smooth group. Definitely going to do it some more.