once fix - always fix?
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    Question once fix - always fix?

    Hi everyone ,

    i started fix for a week ago with an old colnago from the eighties and 42/15 gear and 700x23 tires .
    Today i rode my gearie again and; can't describe it, it was somehow strange, wrong and i will not say boring but in a way annoying,even if i don't Change gears the stuff on the bike disturbs me after 2-3 miles i rode home, there was no urge to cycle. The fix i had to rode everyday there was no choice, the fix demanded it
    why didn't told me someone before that you can't ride gears anymore?

    Now, i think i will change my gear machine to a fix with eno hub, but instead of using skinny tires want to use hookworm and make it more a cruiser the bike is F 600 with street tires
    and my question is the maxxis have a weight of ca. 6 pounds. what gear should i use for this ?

    thanx in advance


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    Quote Originally Posted by kraftstoff
    why didn't told me someone before that you can't ride gears anymore?
    I've done mostly fixed riding since I started in April 2003. But there are times when a gerared bike comes in handy, such as when the distance of the ride finally gets high enough. Currently, any ride of 100 miles or less I'll tend to use the fixie. Next Spring I'll see if I can ride double centuries fixed (well, 300k and maybe 400k brevets). But for longer rides, like 600k or 1200k brevets, I'll be riding my geared cheater for awhile.

    So if you like long rides, I'd keep a geared bike around until you know that you can cover all the distances/terrains that you like on your fixie.

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    Why have two fixies? Keep your geared bike. Buy a few extra fixed wheelsets and chainrings so you can mix and match... or build a cheapo conversion with fenders, but, I repeat, KEEP your geared bike. You will find times when you need a regular road bike, like for club rides, races, etc...

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    Maybe give it more than a week?

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    Depends on where I'm riding.

    I don't like to take the shifties into the city because they seem too distracting. On the fixie I focus on traffic and moving through it. I let my legs respond with little conscious effort. It feels safer and more controlled.

    I prefer shifties out in the country where I like riding more aimlessly. Once I get over the feeling that something is stuck, I like coasting for a break, to grab my water bottles, or to tuck and roll down the big hills. It's different, not better or worse.
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    I ride both.

    Sometimes my knees get sensitive, so I switch back to the gearie and spin to recover.

    I'd keep both for rides that are longer and vary in altitude. For commuting, I prefer my gearie because it allows me to easily stand on the cranks to look over cars to make myself bigger so cars can see me.
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