Specialized Langster as a Track Bike
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    Question Specialized Langster as a Track Bike

    What are some of the opinions on the 2004 Specialized Langster, for use as a track bike? I am going to the track for the first time this weekend, and if I like it I might buy the Langster since the price is very reasonable.

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    Works for me

    I've been on the track about 7 or 8 times with it now, seems fine, started with 48 x 16 now using 48 x 15. I'm slow but it for sure isn't the bike's fault! I've never ridden on the track before this so I can't compare it to any other 'real' track bikes. It's been a great bike for long road rides also. For the price it's hard to beat.

    The Specialized tires work ok for the track, seem a little wide, but they're really not dogs enough to blame a poor sprint on. Nice and smooth 'no-tread'. Don't dwell on tires/wheels until you're sure you like the track.

    If you have 1/2 the amount of fun I've had you'll be hooked! Tonight will be my third race.

    Good luck,
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