SS gearing for CX bike as commuter
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    SS gearing for CX bike as commuter

    I've got an old Bianchi Axis CX bike that I will make into a SS for a backup/winter weather commuting bike. I have some hills to manage but nothing major. The bike will likely have studded tires and will likely only see use during winter. I'll cannibalize the middle ring from the crankset which is a 38T. What tooth rear cog would people recommend? I'm thinking 18T?
    I'm reasonably fit and I have have a lot of experience with SS MTB. This build will not need the ability to hammer the flats, just get me around gingerly on snowy/icy roads and manage some minor hills. Thanks.

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    you want it low enough that on icy or snowy roads you don't have to apply too much force on the pedals, better to be able to just spin your way through. I think you should be good with 38X18. I have the same on my winter commuter bike. If I lived in a flatter area I'd go down to a 15 or similar.

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    Do you have a regular bike? Put it in a gear combination that's close to what you're considering and ride your route in that one gear to see is what's best for you.
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    I got around to tinkering with this old bike last weekend. Tooling around the street in front of my house, I have kind of settled on something even lower with the 20T.

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