14-32t 11-Speed Custom Cassette: STILL TRYIN'
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    14-32t 11-Speed Custom Cassette: STILL TRYIN'

    A while back, I posted about changing from an 11-32 11-speed Shimano 105-compatible cassette to a more practical 14-32. Nobody makes this stock as most of you probably know.

    I built a Miche 14-32, but that didn't work out so well. The cassette ended up being about a millimeter too wide and was quite noisy, noise not due to improper indexing. My LBS said the Miche wasn't such a great fit, something I'd read around the Internet as well.

    I then tried using two Shimano Ultegra CS-R8000 cassettes, a 14-28 and an 11-32 to get the desired 14-32 combination. The fit is good, but there are still issues.

    With the 50t chainring, the cog fifth down from the largest is noisy. This is the transition cog from one cassette to the other.

    With the 34t chainring, many of the middle cogs are noisy. The chain has minimal wear, and this does not sound like an indexing issue.

    I love this cassette combination, with some nicely articulated gearing, particularly in the mid-range, but the noise is really annoying, and I worry about excessive chain wear.

    Any thoughts on this? Thanks for any input.

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    Sounds like a spacer isn't properly compressed, or is the wrong thickness.
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    I am interested in this also! Can you measure the spacing at the transition gap?
    I canít think of anything else that cause problems. Please post if you figure it out

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