2 Centuries in 2 days
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    2 Centuries in 2 days

    I just rode in the MS150 this past weekend. Instead of riding the 75 miles on saturday and 75 on sunday, I decided I wanted to ride 100 on saturday and 100 on sunday.

    Previous to this, my longest ride was 62 miles...and I havent even really been training all that much (I've only been riding road bikes for less than 4 months).

    I made it through both centuries just fine, feeling even better on the second day than I did the first.

    Both of my Ride times were right around 5h 30 minutes.

    My question is, why did I feel better the 2nd day? I felt much stronger the 2nd day, but had to lay back a little to make sure one of my teammate made it to the end.

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    No clue, however I've had similar results. Probably just a factor of your body being "used" to being on the bike.
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    Similar experiences on tours.

    Day one fine, day two better, day three or day four, pits of the world. My bs theory is adrenaline on day two. Saw strong riders on a 5 day charity ride fly over the Green Mts in Vermont on day 2 and then die on much smaller climbs with a big tail wind the next day.
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    I did this in my teens and had the same experience. It was the feeling on day 3 that convinced me to give up the idea of doing it for a living and to start applying to colleges.

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