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    2nd Retul fit....

    I began riding spring of Ď14, starting w/ a Retul fit when I purchased the bike. I had been doing spin classes since 2012 so I expected back pain to be an issue (I have 3 herniated disks in my lower back and could not find a comfy position on the spin bikes) and was willing to try a fitting to see if some pain could be alleviated. It worked well for about 4 years, indeed minimizing pain.

    I didnít ride before this fit, so I imagine my riding style has evolved over the past 5 years. Additionally, I began stretching daily 2 years ago, so I was tighter then than now. Iím still tight, just a bit less so.

    But the past year has not felt right. A year ago I changed saddles after wearing out the other one. Same model, updated version, but it never felt like it was in the same spot. I rode on. Three months ago I replaced my shimano pedals and cleats w/ Vector pedals and Look cleats. That change made me feel more off. Additionally there seemed to be more rocking or bouncing on the bike. Over the 5 years Iíve laid the bike over a few times ó early on by not clipping-out and many others by thinking the bike was leaned well against something only to see it crash to the pavement (sigh).

    So I felt a new fit was in order. I wonít bore you with the old numbers versus the new numbers, or list the changes made. Simply put my bike feels good again and Iím thankful to my LBS.
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    Glad to hear it worked out well.

    I had a similar experience.

    Fit on bike A felt good so I thought everything was good.

    5 years later I bought bike B from a different shop that came with a free Retul fit so figured what to heck.

    MASSIVE improvement even though I didn't know I had room for improvement.

    Turns out the Bike A guy is a bit of a hack and because I have extreme flexibility he gave me the fit a 23 year old TDF pro would have. But I'm 53 and favor long rides/races not crits so Bike B guy too that into consideration and made it less aggressive. And I can still be as aggressive as I want with an elbow bend and using the drops more.

    Which goes to show what everyone says: Retul is just a tool and it's still about the person using it and their discretion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay Strongbow View Post
    Glad to hear it worked out well.

    Retul is just a tool and it's still about the person using it and their discretion.

    Agreed. I have a sincere affection for my chosen LBS and wouldíve utilized whatever fit tool their fitters adopted.

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