• 03-01-2004
    Biking the Continental Divide Colorado vs. Road Biking Utah
    I am contemplating between two tours with AdventureCycling.org.

    Cycling Utah, which is a road tour that starts in St. George, UT and dows a 350 some-odd mile loop through Zion and Bryce Canyon before returning to St. George. I have driven this route before on a road/camping trip and loved it. Cost is $700 and is a 7-8 hour drive from San Diego.

    I am also considering the mountain bike tour for Colorado, Cycling the Divide CO. Starts in Steamboat Springs and does a one way southern route to Salinas. They shuttle you back to starting point. I have only driven through CO with very little sight seeing. Cost is $800 and is a two day drive. About 14 - 18 hours depending on speed, traffic.

    Anyone done any of these tours? What was the experience like. Both offer SAG wagon, three meals a day and camping. I have also done a 9-day road tour from San Francisco to San Diego about 3 years ago. That was a charity tour.
  • 03-01-2004
    Kerry Irons
    Great feedback from their participants
    I've not done these tours, but I have read a lot of positive rider feedback on the AC tours. The Great Divide route is the premier mountain bike route (Canada to Mexico along the continental divide). The Zion/Brice route is great country both for cycling and for hiking and sightseeing. Assuming you're OK with camping, you'll find the organization and route preparation to be top notch.