I have a four-bike Yakima setup for my Civic, but now that the kids are older, I don't have much reason to get new Q Towers and whatnot to fit it to my wife's new Protege5 (yeeeHA, what fun!). I bought a two-bike trunk rack for the few times I'll need it on that car, but usually I just toss my bike into the back of my pickup.
So here's the question: Sometimes I carry a kayak or camping gear or whatever in the bed of the truck. I've wedged stuff around the bike for a year or so, but I'm thinking that if I could hang the trunk rack on the back of the camper shell, the bed would be free for all my other crap.
It fits, and the closed tailgate will support the lower legs of the rack, but I'm pondering what to hang the upper hooks on. The top of the shell is smooth, and the opening window won't handle the weight, so I'll have to bolt something to the rear of the top of the shell. I'm heading over to Home Depot to look at angle iron and aluminum extrusions and whatnot, and I'll work it out, but I just wondered if anybody's done it.