Best way from San Jose to Santa Cruz?
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    Best way from San Jose to Santa Cruz?

    In college, 30 years ago, I did it a few times on Highway 9, but I don't know anything about what's happened with development, traffic patterns etc., and as I remember, a lot of that road has no shoulder at all. Is it rideable, or is there a better way?
    I'll be starting from near Camden and Meridian, so Los Gatos is just a short shot over Blossom Hill Road, but I'm not sure where to go from there.

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    Check out Chain Reaction's website

    Chain Reaction Bicycles has a ton of routes. Scroll to the bottom and look for the 'ride maps' pull down menu. Might be in there...

    I've been wanting to do that ride this summer as well.

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    Old Santa Cruz to Soquel/SJ

    Do you mind riding on smooth dirt a little ways?

    From Los Gatos, take the creek-trail (dirt) to Lexington. Ride Old Santa Cruz --> Summit --> Soquel/San Jose road... Drops you right in Capitola. There's also a water district service road (dirt) that climbs to Summit from the same area, if you don't like Old Santa Cruz.

    My advice - stay off Old Santa Cruz during commute times, and on warm weekends. The people driving this road to avoid 17 traffic are insane.
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    This is one way,,,,

    Follow this link for San Jose

    Good Luck


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    It depends on how much time and how much climbing you want to do. There are lots of possibilities. Hwy 9 is the best route by bike, and it's fine out of the valley, and down the other side you can go fast enough so you don't have to worry too much about cars. It gets narrow in the section from Boulder Creek to Felton, which is also the busiest section.

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    a good way to plan a bike trip is to use KLIMB software. it is free from (mostley Bay Area, and some Ohio)... It give you distance, climbs, water locations etc.

    here are some screen shots from KLIMB: Route Map, and Route Profile

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