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    It's foggy to me on those of you mentioning about rear lights that either:

    a) you belong to a club and/or group that allows (let alone tolerates) any rear flashing lights


    b) if you somehow do belong to such a club or group of inconsiderate riders, how that rider is not banished from the group.

    Any rears on club and/or group rides are verbotten over here, in all clubs I've ridden from Belgium, through the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and France (not sure what the Brits & Highlanders do).

    If there is night-riding with a group, always one person is designated as the caboose for the ride, and they fire up the light. Most all are front lit, usually a flashing variety, making the group look like an alien-lit centipede coming down the road. Even during the day, no, not when there is more than one rider (yourself) are rear flashers of any sort allowed. You only light up when alone, or, if riding two abreast (and only two) with a buddy, you both light up.

    I'm still scratching my head reading these comments, given even today I still go back to the States to ride (East Coast and the Southwest). I've never been in a group where any light, even a pathetic rear one, is allowed to be on (flashing and/or constant). There was a lot of yelling and/or outright group banishment the few rare times I've ever witnessed it in AZ and Colorado, back in my racing days in mid-to-late 90s. Nearly all riders in groups extinguish their rear lights nowadays. IF they don't, how is NOT something said to them???

    Thus, the lecturing here to tv264 is sort of weird, and many here (given the headmaster responses) assume he must be one of the worst group riders in the history of the world

    Oh well, as I said earlier, tv264, good luck with the search!! Putting flashing red and/or white lights on a helmet is still pretty rare here for road riding (not so mtn/VTT biking---everyone is lit head to toe for those kind of evening/night rides). Of course, with the new helmets integrating lights into the shells, I guess one day we are all going to be forced (like the oncoming onslaught of disc brakes) to buy helmets where we PeeWee-Herman down the road
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Thanks guys, has anyone tried this light? SENTINEL™ 150
    I have one.
    -I don't know about lumens and that stuff but bright enough is bright enough and it's definitely bright enough. I've definitely seen brighter though but much brighter would cross the line to obnoxious overkill IMO.

    -I suppose it's nice to have several different modes to choose from but I only ride solo when it's dark(ish) out so see no point using anything but the brightest/flashing.

    -It's very convenient and easy to put on/take off the seatpost.

    -They say it lasts 4 hours on the brightest mode (21 on the weak mode). I've never timed it but that seems about right. I'd actually guess a little longer. I don't ride that long in the dark but usually do 4 or so hour rides starting early AM and forget to turn it off when the sun is fully up so I have tested length.

    -I've had it about 3 year for what I'd say is 'moderate' use and it still works and takes a charge as new.

    It's a good choice IMO.

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